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Welcome to APEX's automated interview process. APEX feels grateful that you are considering a career with our company. Throughout this interview process we will be gathering information about you, through a series of questions in order for us to assess your suitability as a candidate for hire. Please read the instructions carefully before responding to questions. Giving false information of any kind may result in refusal of employment or dismissal. If you are not prepared to complete the interview at this time, please sign in again when you are ready at a later date. At the conclusion of this interview process, APEX has included an upload utility tool so you can attach a resume along with your interview. All interview responses and attached resumes will be held in strictest of confidence.

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Working at Apex Wireless

We're always looking for friendly, talented, and energetic people to join our team. If you would like to be considered for career opportunities with us for positions not listed above, please email your resume to james.vallance@apexwireless.ca.