Andrew Westlund, President

Andrew Westlund's greatest aspiration is to make a meaningful, positive impact on the lives of everyone who works at Apex.

He has created a place where people can achieve their dreams. Andrew knows that a business can only become the best version of itself if the people that drive the business are striving to become the best version of them selves. Everyone has dreams and Andrew believes that our dreams drive us. The brand that Andrew wants to establish is that Apex will enrich their employees first then customers.

He understands that it takes work to have fun and he makes things fun at work and at home. He creates fun in the work place through ski, golf and adventure events with the staff as well as creating many fun filled memories with his wife and their four children.

Andrew enjoys traveling, has visited 41 countries, and enjoys combining his other interests of aviation, motorcycling and long distance cycling while on those adventures. Such diverse interests are widely seen and encouraged throughout Apex, and the inspiration to follow them is truly demonstrated from the top down.