As we prepare for another delightful Canadian winter, many of our clients will be travelling to see loved ones or to get some sun on their faces.

Travel inquiries are our number one service request, so here are five tips to help you keep those costs down and enjoy a worry-free vacation.

Some folks like to travel with an unlocked phone and purchase a local SIM card at their destination. Canadian phones have been sold unlocked since December 2017, but check with your carrier if you’re not sure. And remember, if you take out your Canadian SIM, you won’t get calls and texts destined for that number.
Understanding your phone’s settings [including airplane mode] is important. If at all possible, we recommend shutting cellular data off unless you really need it and relying on WiFi at your hotel, resort, airbnb or grandma’s house.
If your trip includes a cruise you must be extra careful! Most roaming plans do not include use at sea and this type of service is very expensive.
The type of travel pass you can get is dependent on what kind of rate plan you have. Plans are different between consumer and business, and while most now include daily roaming rates some still don’t. Which segues nicely to…
Call and make arrangements BEFORE you travel. We are happy to advise you of your options and help you choose an appropriate travel pass – but when you call from the airport or from your destination you’ve really left it too late.
Remember, when you leave Canada you are no longer on your home carrier’s network. So take heed of the text messages you will receive as you are liable for these charges. Don’t forget to follow our helpful tips to avoid being welcomed home by a huge cell phone bill!