The computer is pretty much ubiquitous in most businesses. And whether large or small, most business owners or policy-makers wouldn’t think of deploying a computer without first implementing some security protocols and acceptable use policies.

So why don’t they do the same with their smartphones?

Whatever the reason, Apex wants to make it easy for you to deploy some effective mobile security tools and processes.

Here’s why you should consider our Mobile Device Management [or MDM] platform for your business:

  • Roaming – Has your business ever been stung by an end-user who travels without letting someone know? Apex MDM ends this by taking action when the device is detected on a foreign network.
  • Privacy Compliance – Chances are your business has obligations under federal or provincial privacy law.  If your team can access client information on their mobile devices you need to be able to protect that info in the event of a lost or stolen device.
  • Fully Managed Solution – Many IT teams deploy an MDM and are soon overwhelmed by the alerts and other support requirements. Let our team do the heavy lifting.
  • Policy and Procedure – While most businesses have a mobile policy, many don’t have the means to actually enforce it. Apex MDM not only allows this – but comes with standard procedures for all of the most common situations. For example, have you ever had a smartphone returned by a departing employee that you couldn’t unlock?
  • Maximize IT Resources – Many internal IT teams are not trained or equipped to manage mobility resources. Give them the support they need or outsource your mobility requirements completely – it’s up to you.
  • Recoup the Hidden Costs of your Mobility Program – Finance, IT, Operations and individual business units all spend time and money on mobility. Apex MDM can streamline and reduce these costs.
  • Easiest Hardware Configuration ever – Wouldn’t it be great to hand a new user a device that was completely ready for use – from email setup to internal WiFi settings and required apps? Yup, we do that too.
  • Fully Customizable – Do you want unfettered access for your executives but kiosk mode for the team in the warehouse? No problem.
  • Cloud-based Solution – This means no up-front hardware costs and an easy-to-use portal that can be configured to give the correct access to those who need it.
  • Constant Improvements – The Apex MDM is under constant development so that it remains cutting edge and a great value. We now fully support the Apple DEP program and will soon offer live tracking of all your data. We don’t charge extra as the platform evolves, there’s really no reason to carry on with unprotected devices and intellectual property any longer. Apex MDM gives you the customizable peace of mind you need and the resources to help you deploy quickly and easily.

And remember, that in addition to a great MDM, Apex can also provide Telecom Expense Management and a Mobile Help Desk to help take your mobile program to a whole new level. Our clients love our easy-to-use app and the clear reports they receive every month.

Let’s have a conversation soon and see how to best meet your needs.